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OGN Friday

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Bite sized chunks of good news to round off the week.

  • Presidential candidate Joe Biden is building his campaign around an ambitious $2 trillion climate plan that would almost entirely remake how multiple sectors of the American economy operate and, crucially, execute a complete transition to renewable energy by 2035.

  • Scientists sequence entire human X chromosome for the first time.

  • Comet Neowise: this 3 mile wide chunk of space ice is shooting past the Earth this month, with its long and breathtaking tail of blue and yellow dust and gas. Here's how, when and where to see it in the Northern Hemisphere - and there's no need to stay up too late!

  • Canada: The economy added nearly one million jobs in June as businesses forced to close by lockdown began to reopen.

  • E-bikes are not cheap. So, for those that already own a perfectly good bike, the option to upgrade to electric assistance using a simple, affordable kit is more attractive - and the Unlimited E-bike Conversion Kit looks like an ideal solution.

  • New Jersey: Last weekend a customer who had been a regular at the Starving Artist restaurant left without saying a word, but added a $1,430 tip to the bill to be shared among the staff.

  • If you're fed up with social distancing and want to enjoy crowds again, this wonderful video of penguins huddling together for warmth, and organising the sharing rota for the cold outer edge of the crowd, may provide you with some sort of temporary emotional antidote.

  • One million UK smokers have kicked the habit during lockdown, according to data from the charity Action on Smoking Health.

  • Ukeireru: the Japanese mindset may be the key to your happiness.

  • The Microsoft Store in London has launched its first ever Virtual Summer Camp programme for kids aged 8 - 15 years, and they are free. The camps consist of interactive, virtual workshops aimed at helping young people find causes they are passionate about in their community, and use technology to turn ideas into action plans.

  • Last month OGN featured the Swiss trial of Zero Waster Product Dispensers, and now we hear Tesco is trialling a scheme in the UK where online shoppers will get products in reusable packaging. The supermarket giant is joining forces with Loop, which styles itself as a "zero waste shopping platform". The trial covers 150 items, which will be delivered in reusable containers for which consumers pay a deposit, and then return them to reclaim the deposit.

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