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OGN Thursday

Collection of good news snippets to brighten your day.

  • In a new image released by NASA, we’re treated to six individual photographs crunched into one. The six-frame image showcases the Sun, our beloved life-giving star, and the International Space Station as it orbits high above the Earth.

  • E-scooters will be allowed on UK roads from Saturday, lifting a nationwide ban. It's a 12 month test and riders must have a full or provisional car, motorbike or moped licence.

  • Seychelles: British family-of-four is moving to Moyenne Island to launch a coral farm to save the reef.

  • Microsoft launches an initiative aimed offering free digital-skills training to 25 million people around the world by the end of 2020. The company will be providing free access to educational content on LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn and GitHub Learning Lab. Why not sign up?

  • California: World's largest producer of fruits and vegetables aims to achieve zero food waste by 2025.

  • Crazy(ish) but true: Tesla becomes the world's most valuable car maker without making a profit as demand for electric vehicles soars.

  • Czech Republic: Masks no longer required indoors and 2,000 people dine on Prague's Charles Bridge to bid Covid-19 ‘farewell’.

  • Committee on Climate Change says the UK ban on petrol and diesel vehicles should be moved forward to 2032 as part of a range of measures that would keep the UK on track to be carbon-neutral by 2050.

  • Germany: Retail sales surged back above their pre-pandemic levels in May as shoppers returned to newly opened stores with a vengeance, raising hopes of V-shaped recovery. there and elsewhere in Europe.

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