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OGN Tuesday

Round up of today's positive news snippets.

  • Red kites thriving in England: 30 years after 13 were flown in by jet from Spain, there are now nearly 2,000 breeding pairs of red kites across the country.

  • Is it time for a 5th Industrial Revolution, with companies transforming from for-profit to for-benefit?

  • Mexico: Percibald Garcia recognized that confinement during the lockdown is especially tedious for children. So the young architect decided to read them stories. Almost every day since the beginning of May, the 27 year old has gone out in an enormous Mexico City apartment complex with his 'wandering microphone' to broadcast stories to children who gather at their windows to listen.

  • Europe: The increase in state subsidies to buy electric vehicles in some European countries has reached the point that in Germany you can go to a dealer, sign a two-year lease contract and drive away in an electric car for free. Yes, really!

  • Peru: Businessman noticed a 12 year old boy studying on the pavement every night under a street light (he had no electricity at home) and decided to reward his perseverance and diligence by building his family a new home, with electricity. Hopefully the boy now has a much brighter future.

  • EU: Signs emerging that leaders of northern European Union countries were willing to compromise on a 1.8 trillion euro ($2 trillion) coronavirus stimulus plan as talks in Brussels extend for another day.

  • MIT researchers create a reusable silicone mask to replace the N95. The mask can be easily cleaned after each use, so it could help solve supply issues. And it’s clear, which could help with communication.

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