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OGN Wednesday

Mid week collection of uplifting news snippets.

  • New Zealand wins at kindness again. A popular restaurant in the North Island was faced with a long queue of hungry customers but only one staff member after a family emergency called other workers away. A group of customers rallied together to help the lone chef, pitching in to take orders, do the dishes, process payments and bring out food.

  • Apple Tackles e-Waste: Apple announced that its new lineup of iPhones won’t come with accessories such as a wall charger or earbuds. From an environmental perspective, it’s a great move.

  • Iceland - the supermarket, not the country - has marked its 50th anniversary in quite an odd but funny way. It’s sent a chicken nugget into space. The 2 minute video is really something.

  • In good news for American democracy, Starbucks announced it will offer employees complimentary Lyft rides to polling stations, up to the value of $75 per person.

  • Natural Depression Remedies: Forget about anti-depressants! These natural alternatives do the job much better.

  • UK could get 40m Covid vaccine jabs by New Year as Pfizer begins roll-out. Vaccine developed by pharma giant is undergoing clinical trials and British patients could be inoculated by start of 2021.

  • Every year, local communities on either side of the Apurimac River Canyon use traditional Inka engineering techniques to rebuild the Q'eswachaka Bridge, near Cusco, Peru. The old bridge is taken down and the new bridge is built in only three days. The bridge has been rebuilt in this same location continually since the time of the Inka. See wonderful 3 minute video.

  • Fun football fact: When Sweden play Denmark, the score board displays Swe - Den. The remaining letters that aren't used are: Den - Mark.

  • UK Musicians’ Union welcomes Parliament's new enquiry into whether musician's are being paid fairly, as the growth of the streaming market “cannot come at the expense of talented and lesser-known artists”.

  • Global Importance of Rewilding: It will play a crucial role in avoiding mass extinctions and capturing enormous quantities of carbon.

  • Passengers travelling to Hong Kong and Italy from Britain’s Heathrow Airport will now have to undergo a one-hour coronavirus test before flying, under plans to open up international travel. Rapid tests were introduced yesterday to allow travellers to enter countries where a negative COVID-19 test result is needed to skip quarantine.

  • Minnesota grower drove his gigantic gourd all the way to California to capture first prize at the World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off with a whopping beauty weighing 2,350-pounds. The grand prize of the Safeway-sponsored event pays $7 for every pound, so he took home $16,450.


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