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OGN Thursday

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Round up of good news snippets to keep the week on track.

  • In 1979, a small number of cranes were re-introduced to England after being wiped out centuries ago. Since then, the birds have spread to other areas of country, as well as Scotland and Wales. The latest survey suggests there are now 56 pairs in the UK.

  • Apple commits to being '100 per cent carbon neutral' across its entire business, including its supply chain, by 2030.

  • Washing our clothes is responsible for more than a third of the microplastics that end up in the sea, seriously harming marine life. Here are some simple eco-friendly steps that you can follow to help save our oceans.

  • Donald Trump finally changes his stance on the wearing of face masks, now saying that it would be 'patriotic' for Americans to do so.

  • Levi’s is using old jeans and wood pulp to create new, recyclable jeans.

  • A British firm has unveils plans for what it claims will be the 'largest commercial hybrid plane in the world', set to enter service in 2028 and reduce carbon emissions by 70 per cent.

  • Ukraine: A gunman armed with an automatic rifle and grenades has surrendered to police and released 13 hostages after the country’s president consented to his demand to recommend, on Facebook, the 2005 film Earthlings starring Joaquin Phoenix. Bizarre, but true!

  • Two major breakthroughs in solar cell technology could vastly improve the way energy is harvested from the sun.

  • New York: A homeless man unknowingly took part in a social experiment conducted by YouTuber Waqas Shah, who deliberately dropped a wallet, containing $2,000 in front of the homeless man, called Jay.⁠ Cameras recorded Jay’s every movement. He started calling after the owner and gave the wallet back. “You are a great person. Thank you for giving it back to me,” said Waqas and rewarded the man with money.⁠ The cameras kept on filming Jay’s next moves. He was seen heading to a nearby food cart and buying three meals which he distributed to other homeless in the area.⁠

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