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OGN Monday

Selection of good news snippets to make it a magic Monday.

  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has presented a bill to commit Canada to cut its emissions to net zero by 2050 and set five-year targets to meet the goal. The bill, called the Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act, follows an election pledged by Trudeau to set the country on a path to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

  • Rotten veg generates energy: Invention that makes renewable energy from rotting vegetables wins James Dyson prize.

  • For families across the US, Thanksgiving this year is likely to look a little different - with grocery stores across the nation stocking up on smaller turkeys to meet people’s changed needs. As for Zoom? As a thank you to its customers, from midnight EST on 26 November to 06.00 on 27 November, they’re lifting their 40 minute time limit on free chats. So, check out OGN's recommendations for 'perfect' zoom dinners together.

  • It received rave reviews but sadly the exhibition of Artemisia Gentileschi's paintings is temporarily closed. However, the good news is that the National Gallery is offering a new online curator’s tour with Letizia Treves, for just £8 (free for members). Highly recommended!

  • An Arkansas school district saved so much money from switching to solar power for their buildings, they were able to bump up their teachers’ salaries and eliminate their budget deficits.

  • Britain quietly paid the billion pound bill it was handed by Brussels on Brexit Day during EU trade negotiations, as hopes that a deal can finally be done rise. Senior officials told EU ambassadors that a deal was “close” and “95 percent”.

  • Donald Trump's bid to overturn presidential election stumbles (again) as judge dismisses Pennsylvania lawsuit.

  • Buzz over first ever bee map: Experts say this first-ever map of bee species around the world is a leap forward in understanding and protecting the pollinators that our food supply and ecosystems rely on.

  • What’s the best way to avoid touching your face? A glass of wine in each hand.

  • Christmas tree sellers allowed to reopen in England despite lockdown. Smaller ‘farmgate’ sellers reclassified as essential retailers in run-up to holidays

  • The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk: Live theatre is back! Here’s another chance to swoon over Daniel Jamieson’s dreamy Kneehigh show inspired by Marc Chagall’s glorious paintings of his wife, Bella. Marc Antolin and Audrey Brisson play the couple on stage at Bristol Old Vic and Emma Rice’s production, brilliantly designed by Sophia Clist, will be streamed live from 3-5 December. You can watch it from anywhere in the world.

  • UK Nature Reserve has record year for seal pups: Back in 1988, the Blakeney Nature Reserve in Norfolk recorded the first birth of a grey seal pup. Since then, the reserve has become England’s largest seal colony.

  • Germany agrees 'historic' mandatory boardroom quota for women. Government moves to close gender gap with rival economies by requiring 30 percent female membership.

  • When Jimmy Kimmel Live! researchers heard about a woman in Maryland who’s one of Barack Obama’s biggest fans, they realized the time was ripe for setting up a good-natured prank. Joyce Taylor was told she was going to be part of a special screening where she’d watch pre-taped clips of the former president reading from his new memoir “A Promised Land.” Just this prospect was exciting enough for the super fan. But of course, the invitation was just a ruse...

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