OGN Friday

Bite sized snippets of good news to round off the week.

  • Canada: A fisherman in Nova Scotia caught a 23 pound lobster - the biggest one in years. He sold it to a vegan for $230 who promptly put it back in the ocean.

  • Holland: planting 100 million new trees in the next 10 years in an attempt to reduce carbon emissions and stimulate timber production.

  • Rewilding Britain: A new nature network plans to rewild 300,000 acres of land in the UK, in a bid to boost biodiversity and help tackle climate change.

  • In good news for any future unfortunate occasions, UK and US to fix 'anomaly' that allowed Anne Sacoolas to claim diplomatic immunity over the death of Harry Dunn.

  • Wonderful story about a young man - Rehan Staton - from a poor background, who flunked high school, became a garbage collector, re-ignited his mojo, and eventually succeeded in getting in to Harvard Law School.

  • Pakistan: In its latest move to generate jobs amid the pandemic while boosting conservation and curbing climate change, Pakistan's first National Parks Service is being created - modeled on the U.S. agency - and aims to get more local communities involved in running national parks and earning an income as they protect conservation areas.

  • A global consortium of astrophysicists have created the world's largest three-dimensional map of the universe, a project 20 years in the making that researchers say helps better explain the history of the cosmos.

  • France: Two young brothers (aged 3 and 10) have been saved from an apartment fire in Grenoble after dropping about 10 metres (33ft) from a window before being caught by people in the street below.

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