OGN Saturday

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Kick starting your weekend with a collection of good news snippets from around the world.

  • Fancy changing up your working from home location? Bermuda is offering year-long stays for people who want to work or study remotely. It follows in the footsteps of Barbados, which is also encouraging foreigners to become digital nomads for the year.

  • Good vibrations: The worldwide lockdown led to the longest and most pronounced reduction in human-linked seismic vibrations ever recorded, sharpening scientists’ ability to hear earth’s natural signals.

  • It's such a relief to know that Trump is able to recall and repeat a sequence of five words. What incredible mental acuity!

  • Scotland: innovative start-up manufactures eco-friendly bricks that produce 90 per cent less carbon emissions in their creation than traditionally fired bricks. And you can order them in any colour you wish.

  • England: Penguins who couldn't be entertained properly at a zoo in Cornwall during lockdown have been cheered up - with a bubble machine. Adorable 2 minute video.

  • Japan: The village of Kamikatsu takes commitment to sustainability to a new level. While the rest of the country has a recycling rate of around 20 percent, Kamikatsu surpasses its neighbours with an impressive 80 percent. After becoming aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide associated with burning garbage, the town instated the Zero Waste Declaration and expects to be completely waste-free by the end of this year.

  • Another Covid breakthrough: Aerosol-based protein inhalant has been demonstrated to reduce the risk of death and the chance of developing serious symptoms by 79%.

  • Lily Cole's forthcoming book - Who Cares Wins - manages to champion not one “ism” but two. Cole’s central argument is that if we are going to confront the looming climate catastrophe, we will need not just a prodigious surge in environmentalism but a huge dose of optimism as well. The model, actress and activist articulates this well: optimism isn’t childish credulity or pretending things aren’t very serious. It isn’t the cynical tropes of the political classes eager to get voters to suspend their disbelief. Optimism, she says, is the belief that goodness can prevail, “that the long moral arc of the universe does bend towards justice”. Oh, and it’s much better than pessimism at actually getting things done.

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