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OGN Friday

Or should that be TGI Friday? Surely both is best!

  • NASA’s 2024 mission will see first female astronaut on the Moon. Recently, the American space agency formally outlined its $28 billion plan to return to the Moon in 2024, with the mission being called Artemis. The plan involves sending both a man and a woman (both identities, as yet, unconfirmed) to the lunar surface, marking the first time humans have gone back to the Moon since 1972. There, they will extract valuable deposits of water-ice from the lunar South Pole.

  • Want to live longer? The people of Okinawa, Japan, have one of the highest life expectancies in the world, counting a remarkable 35 centenarians for every 100,000 inhabitants. That’s five times more than the rest of Japan. So, what's the trick?

  • According to the Department for Transport, the UK saw a 146 per cent increase in cycling during lockdown with a reported 1.3 million bikes being sold in the same period. That's good news for everyone's health and, of course, the planet.

  • Firefighting goats: An Oregon city has employed a specialized team to reduce the risk of wildfires - and each member has four hooves.

  • It's good to learn that even publicly traded, infinite-growth oriented companies understand moral responsibility, as UK companies have returned £215 million ($275 million) to the government which was either given to them in error, or went unused, as part of Britain’s furlough scheme.

  • Whisky made in Canada named world's best in international contest. Alberta Premium Cask Strength beat 1,252 other whiskies that were judged in this year's contest, and was named World Whisky of the Year by Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible.

  • When to write to say thank you: Research shows that sometimes it's more powerful to express gratitude weeks, or even years, later.

  • Royal Ballet announces comeback after a seven month break from full performances on the Covent Garden stage. The plan is for a celebration performance with 100 dancers and a full orchestra on 9 October, livestreamed around the world.

  • Take inspiration from Anastasia Pegonis: As this blind teen is training to swim for gold with a guide dog helping her prepare for the Tokyo Paralympic Games. In the water, Pagonis is truly in her element. “It’s my happy place. It’s the place where I feel like I don’t have a disability and I feel like that’s the only place where I feel free. When I dive in the water, it’s just me in the pool and I feel such a connection with it.” Her guide dog "has given me my independence back and is my partner in crime!” That independence has allowed Pagonis to take her place as a resident athlete at Colorado’s Olympic Paralympic Training Center with a goal of competing in the Tokyo 2021 games.

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