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Monday's Good News

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

  • A cooling dip in the sweltering summer heat no longer requires owning a private pool, or heading off to crowded public swimming facilities. Simply download the Swimmy app and rent a private pool at somebody else's house. Prices in Europe typically start from about €15 per person for a half day, and $20 in USA .

  • Tesla Inc.’s pledge to open its massive charging network to other car brands later this year marks a major inflection point in the electric vehicle economy and, should it come to pass, will surely accelerate EV adoption. It may also be helped by the recent debunking of the myth that electric vehicles weren’t actually better for the environment: The energy used to make the battery plus the emissions from making electricity could make the total footprint worse than a gas-powered car. Or so the argument went. Until now.

  • If you’re fit, you can walk the three Yorkshire peaks of Whernside, Ingleborough and Pen-y-ghent in a day; if you must, you can even run them. Or you can view them in all their magnificence from the comfort of the reclining leather seats of the Staycation Express, the remarkable British train success story of the pandemic. The Staycation Express has just begun its second season plying the route between Settle and Carlisle, otherwise known as the most scenic rail journey in England.

  • Bernhard Langer stunned observers at the Senior Open by hitting a drive of 350 yards – as a 63-year-old. The German then urged the governing bodies to fix the game’s distance issue, saying that new technolgy is making some courses obsolete. “You need an extra 1,000 yards that you must take care of and maintain and water … It’s less expensive not to do an extra 1,000 yards. It’s common sense.”

  • The UK economy is growing at its fastest pace in 80 years as consumers embrace the pandemic reopening and loosen their purse strings. GDP is set to grow by 7.6pc this year, significantly faster than the 6.8pc predicted in the spring.

  • Tel Aviv has declared war on careless or thoughtless dog owners by ordering them to register their pets’ DNA. Israel's largest city has announced that all dog owners would be required to provide a sample of their pet’s DNA when they renew or apply for a pet certificate. It means that anyone who fails to clean up their dog's poo will be tracked by a team of dog detectives who check the mess against DNA records and issue a fine of 720 shekels (£160 / $220).

  • The chief executive of tobacco business Philip Morris International has called on the UK government to ban cigarettes within a decade, in a move that would outlaw its own Marlboro brand. CEO Jacek Olczak said the company could “see the world without cigarettes … and actually, the sooner it happens, the better it is for everyone.” Cigarettes should be treated like petrol cars, the sale of which is due to be banned from 2030, he said.

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Blue Whale

Scientists filming in the South Ocean off the coast of New Zealand captured this stunning footage of a blue whale eating a mass of krill.


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