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OGN Sunday

Plenty of positive news snippets to brighten your day.

  • Due to extensive conservation efforts, several US states are starting to see bee colonies grow. In Maine, for example, it's particularly good news as numbers are up more than 70% over the past two years.

  • Surprise! Teen drives across America and surprises childhood best friend dressed as FedEx deliveryman. Enjoy their reunion in this utterly joyous 1 minute video.

  • The cost of battery packs for electric vehicles has fallen more than 80% over the past decade. In good news for the environment, analysts are now moving up projections of when an electric vehicle won't need government incentives to be cheaper than a gasoline model to 2024.

  • Need a cultural fix? Check out the British Museum's YouTube channel and enjoy a trove of insights from curators and experts at the institution.

  • New Zealand: Jacinda Ardern pledges that all energy generation in the country will be 100 per cent renewable by 2030, if she's re-elected in October. Only Iceland and Paraguay have achieved this nirvana thus far, with Costa Rica edging very close with 99 per cent renewable energy power.

  • Whilst the recent release of Tenet did a reasonably good job boosting attendance (and corresponding cash receipts) at cinemas, the latest Bond movie, starring Daniel Craig, is set to be released on 20 November and will be very important for cinema's everywhere. To whet your appetite, here's the latest 007 trailer.

  • Finland: Helsinki airport uses sniffer dogs to detect Covid with 'close to 100% accuracy'. Researchers running Helsinki pilot scheme say dogs can identify virus in seconds.

  • Birds learn new song: As San Francisco went into pandemic lockdown and locals found new projects to pass the time, so too did birds in the area. New research shows that the white-crowned sparrow responded to the sudden peace and quiet by learning a new song.

  • Over 70 countries have committed to reaching net-zero carbon emissions by no later than 2050. The EU intends to enshrine this net-zero target in law and all but one of the G7 countries have made similar commitments. America is the odd one out. Donald Trump has dubbed climate change a “hoax”. If you missed it last week [OGN 18 Sept], see what this US company is doing about 'climate deniers' with the label: Vote the Assholes Out.

  • California: To ban the sale of new gasoline-powered cars and trucks starting in 2035. It's the most significant move yet by a US state to end the use of fossil fuel-burning internal combustion engines. On the other side of the pond, the UK government has announced its intention to bring forward the ban on sale of new fossil fuel vehicles from 2040 to 2030 to speed up electric car roll-out as sales of eco-friendly motors overtake diesel for first time.

  • African Entertainers: Never before have so many burst into the global mainstream at the same time. In music, film and literature.

  • Take inspiration from Christian Bagg: He was snowboarding in Canada when he broke his back, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. But nothing could stop the adventurer from finding his way back up a mountain. Bagg now designs specialized bikes for people with physical disabilities, allowing them to ride across rough terrain and climb mountains. The original idea was simply to create a bike that would give him the ability to find adventures wherever he pleased without needing help or holding his friends back.

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