OGN Wednesday

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Mid-week round up of good news snippets.

  • A great day for Stuart Broad, the English cricketer, who took his 500th Test wicket yesterday, against the West Indies.

  • Congratulations to Carla Molinaro who just ran the 874 mile length of Britain (from Land’s End to John O’ Groats) in record time. She did it in 12 days, 30 minutes and 14 seconds.

  • Good news: your next smartphone will be a lot harder to scratch. Gorilla Glass Victus is the first significant improvement in scratch prevention in seven years.

  • Brilliant news for investors in gold as the price reached a record high of $1,944 (£1,511) per ounce, eclipsing the previous record of $1,920 per ounce set in September 2011.

  • Mars missions: Three nations are taking aim at the Red Planet at the moment. What's going on?

  • National Grid: the UK's electricity network operator says it could be “emissions negative” by 2033, a healthy 17 years earlier than originally forecast.

  • Giant retailers like Walmart and Target are uniting to take on the plastic bag. It's good news but, frankly, should have been started years ago. It's a case of better late than never.

  • England: Residents will get powers to banish through-traffic from local streets and councils will be prevented from building substandard cycle lanes under what Downing Street has billed as a revolution for cycling and walking.

  • Look up: the alpha Capricornids meteor shower reaches its peak tonight and can be seen equally from either side of the equator. "What is notable about this shower is the number of bright fireballs produced during its activity period," says the American Meteor Society. Worth staying up until midnight?

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