OGN Tuesday

Bite sized chunks of good news.

  • Sir David Attenborough has joined Instagram, breaking Jennifer Aniston's record for the fastest time to reach a million followers. The power of a national treasure!

  • Boris Johnson has promised to restore to nature 30 per cent of Britain by 2030 as he signs a biodiversity pledge with other UN leaders. The Prime Minister will today unfurl plans to secure an area of land the size of the Lake District and South Downs national parks combined to make sure almost a third of the country is wild. Existing National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and other protected areas already comprise approximately 26 per cent of land in England. 

  • Company has developed a material - made by microbes - that uses methane to make everything from utensils to wallets to glasses. This new material could simultaneously help tackle the challenges of climate change and ocean plastic.

  • Those tempting sweets and crisps flanking the grocery store checkout line aren’t placed there by accident, but these impulse buy items will soon be a thing of the past in Berkeley, California after the city became the first in America to ban “junk food” displays in checkout lines. 

  • Ready to be a Half Tourist? Is it time to combine work with a refreshing change of scene? And the companies helping to accommodate this new lifestyle.

  • In the quest to run on 100 per cent renewable electricity, Sweden is transforming homes into highly efficient ‘prosumers’- buildings that both produce and consume the vast majority of their own energy.

  • First Hydrogen Plane Takes Off: Test flight confirms the UK as major player in aerospace and could place the country in the vanguard of sustainable aviation.

  • The People’s Friend is touring the knitted friendship bus around parts of the UK to help combat loneliness amongst the over-65s. It's starting in Torquay and finishing up in Dundee, delivering magazines and knitted bunting to care homes while raising funds for loneliness charity Re-engage's telephone befriending service.

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