OGN Thursday

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Collection of good news snippets to brighten the day.

  • The Duchess of Cornwall joins the 'maskfluencers' as she walks to the National Gallery in a printed face covering.

  • Germany: Siemens' new remote work policy is a master class in emotional intelligence.

  • US: Scientists at Washington University have created a blood test for Alzheimer's that's almost 100% accurate and can spot the disease two decades before symptoms begin.

  • France: Renault just gave every household in the tiny French town of Appy a free 3 lease for one of its electric cars. Is it a PR stunt? Yes. Could it also do some good along the way? It’s possible! Renault is trying to demonstrate that electric vehicles can be useful to people living in remote or rural areas, rather than just city-slickers, like many assume. And while the end goal is more car sales for Renault, wider adoption of clean energy would be good news too.

  • The smell of space: The scent will soon be orbiting around an Earthling near you.

  • Random acts of kindness: A loyal customer of Taco Casa, a restaurant in Alabama, noticed that one of the employees was walking for miles every day just to get to work. So buys him a car.⁠

  • 7,000 aspiring pianists from 52 countries learn new tune - You Raise Me Up - and nearly 1,000 submitted videos of their performances - now edited harmoniously together. Enjoy!

  • Google has announced plans to build a new undersea network cable connecting the US, UK, and Spain. The tech giant says it's incorporating new technology into the cable, which it claims is a significant upgrade to older existing lines.

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