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OGN Friday

Bundle of positive news nuggets to brighten the day.

  • A 'massive' new reef measuring 500m (about 1,600 feet) has been discovered in Australia's Great Barrier Reef, making it taller than some of the world's highest skyscrapers. Scientists found the detached reef, which is the first to be discovered in more than 120 years, in waters off North Queensland. New oceanscapes are opening to us, revealing the ecosystems and diverse life forms that share the planet with us, said one of the scientists.

  • NASA recently announced that water is, unequivocally, present on the Moon. Research now suggests that there may be an enormous amount. It's been such a strange year, so it shouldn't surprise anyone to learn that scientists now estimate that the Moon may be home to around 15,000 square miles of ice.

  • Japan’s newly elected prime minister, Yoshihide Suga, has recently announced that the country will become carbon neutral by 2050, setting the stage for a bolder national approach to tackling the climate emergency.

  • A Berlin startup has developed a new electric delivery vehicle, called the ONO PAT, that can carry a carload of goods in a bicycle-sized package. It's expected to be particularly useful in Europe's wiggly, narrow streets.

  • KIA has been making good, cheap cars for many years. But it's now likely to transform its looks as it has just hired one of BMW's top designers. Maybe KIA will now become good, cheap, and good looking! And electric.

  • Scientists in Australia have developed an incredible sponge-like material that can convert discarded cooking oil and other waste materials into biodiesel, in a very cost effective manner.

  • Imagine the surprise: Vilma Wong, a nurse at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in California, was astonished to discover that the second-year paediatric neurology resident at the hospital, Brandon Seminatore, was in fact the 29-weeks born premature baby she was the care nurse for 28 years ago. How lovely for both of them!

  • Lockdown leads to healthy new habits: A survey of Brits reveals rather a lot of surprising benefits and behaviour changes as a result of 'you know what'.

  • God moves in mysterious ways: The price of UK real estate has soared as church congregations have fallen, so the Diocese of London has come up with a new way to ensure all East End communities can access church-run facilities: a new narrowboat named Genesis. It's currently moored at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to serve the St Columba East parish. In years to come it’ll travel to wherever canalside communities need it.

  • A giant wildlife bridge will help LA’s mountain lions cross over a 10-lane highway. Currently, the National Wildlife Federation is working with several partner organizations to build a massive wildlife crossing over the 10-lane freeway that will allow animals to cross into a different habitat without being harmed. From Alaska to the Netherlands, wildlife crossing exists and have been proven to work, although this will be the first time a wildlife crossing is created in a dense area. The crossing, which will look like a natural, grassy bridge rising over the freeway, will cost $87 million.

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