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OGN Wednesday

Mid week round up of good news snippets.

  • One US citizen will be casting her ballot all the way from space. On election day, astronaut Kate Rubins will cast her ballot from the International Space Station 200 miles above the Earth. After casting her vote, Rubins’ ballot will be forwarded electronically from Mission Control in Houston with her address listed as “low-Earth orbit.”

  • Remdesivir: The antiviral drug is already known to inhibit the virus’ ability to replicate, but researchers in Canada now say it can also act as a roadblock against the spread of coronavirus in the body.

  • Citigroup Inc says it will set aside more than $1 billion to support initiatives that help close the racial wealth gap and increase economic mobility for people of color. The Wall Street bank said the three-year initiative will include programs that would provide greater access to banking and credit in communities of color, increase investment in Black-owned businesses, and expand home ownership among Black Americans.

  • Berlin: Whether you call it second hand, pre-loved, vintage or recycled, a department store (within the famous Karstadt department store) which only sells recycled goods has been set up in order to reach beyond the normal demographic of secondhand shoppers and help address the issues around our 'throw-away' culture.

  • Cambridge University: Researchers believe they may have discovered a way to cure the auto-immune disorder multiple sclerosis, or MS. But 'incredibly exciting' further trials are still necessary.

  • Whilst its not possible to get rid of the unpleasant smell coming from garbage trucks, we can certainly get rid of the smelly exhaust fumes. And that’s exactly what New York City is trying to do by testing its first all-electric garbage truck on the streets of Brooklyn.

  • EV Only Service Stations: Rapid chargers replace fossil-fuel pumps as the proposed transition to electric vehicles (EVs) also means a change in our refuelling habits. Here's what the future looks like.

  • New Jersey about to introduce America's most progressive single-use plastic ban that would outlaw plastic bags from stores and restaurants as well as polystyrene foam containers. Plastic bags make up 12 per cent of US plastic pollution, so bills like this are important for large-scale single-use plastics reduction.

  • A sweet grandpa wanted his family to know that he would always be with them. So before he passed away, he had his favorite shirt made into a cushion, and attached a powerful note:

‘This is a shirt I used to wear. Whenever you hold it, know I am there. Love Grandad’

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