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OGN Friday

Selection of good news snippets to brighten the last day of the week.

  • Thailand: Conservationists have captured footage of endangered tigers in a western region of the country for the first time in years, rekindling hope that tigers are returning to the forests after being poached to near extinction and sold in the illegal wildlife trade.

  • Greece: Hidden and protected for millennia, an ancient shipwreck - known locally as the Acropolis of the Sea - opens to the public (i.e. divers) for the first time next week.

  • New York: Volunteers save Quail Hill Farm, the city's oldest community farm.

  • London-listed companies are more profitable when women make up more than one in three executive roles, with a profit margin more than 10 times greater than those without.

  • UK: For every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday throughout August, restaurants and eateries which have signed up to the “Eat Out to Help Out” government initiative will be offering their food at half price.

  • Thinking of an e-moped to get you quickly and safely from A to B? Here's a 9 minute video 'primer' to get you up to speed on the best choices available today.

  • France: French government announces it will increase wages across the country to recognize the efforts of healthcare workers. They will receive an average monthly increase of €183 ($209).⁠

  • With similar plans being implemented in numerous other cities, including Milan and Paris, the UK government has put the wheels in motion for a green transport revolution.

  • US: Flu shots significantly cut risk of heart attack or stroke for people over 50, says study of 7 million patients, conducted by Texas Tech University in Dallas.

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