OGN Wednesday

Mid-week round up of good news snippets to brighten the day.

  • A Tanzanian subsistence miner and father-of-30, who became an overnight millionaire by digging up the biggest tanzanite gems in history (worth £2.4 million) last month, has found and sold another lump of tanzanite worth £1.5 million. Time for another party!

  • Plan Bee for Cities: A new study has revealed the importance of towns and cities for pollinators and provides helpful advice on how to attract bees and other insects to urban areas.

  • Poland: A group of grandmothers, many of whom lived through German occupation and later Soviet rule, are challenging nationalists and the right-wing government to protect freedoms and push for a more inclusive society. The Polish Grannies, as the protesters are called, symbolize a grassroots movement across parts of Europe that is trying to blunt the most extreme versions of far-right nationalism.

  • With $7.5 trillion under its control, BlackRock is the world's largest asset management company, and it's now turning its attention to combatting the climate crisis and conserving Earth’s ecosystems.

  • Missing sailors stranded on a Pacific island saved by giant SOS in the sand. Three men stuck on tiny Pikelot Island after their boat ran out of fuel and strayed off course spotted by Australian and US military aircraft.

  • It's a Kodak moment for investor insanity on Wall Street. Shares of Kodak are up about 530% in the past five days following news that the US government will loan it $765 million to help produce vaccine related drugs as part of a new pharmaceutical unit.

  • Europe: In the twilight of the coronavirus, early signs suggest there is not going to be much in the way of a recovery for coal, oil or natural gas which are becoming COVID-casualties, as they lose ground to renewable energy as each month passes.

  • Vaccine: Latest Good News from the UK. Scientists working on the Oxford University vaccine have said they could know within six weeks whether it will work. 

  • Finland: In more good news for female leadership, Sanna Marin, the world's youngest head of government at the time she became Prime Minister of Finland last December, has just seen a recent poll in which 85 percent of Finns supported her handling of the pandemic. A striking level of confidence in these uneasy times.

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