OGN Monday

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Reasons to be cheerful: news snippets to brighten the start of the week.

  • New York: The Met Opera is offering free streaming of recordings of some of its greatest productions. Opera fans should take a look at the forthcoming schedule.

  • London: National Gallery has spent £4m to recreate a Roman palazzo to house its new Italian baroque acquisitions. Opens Wednesday.

  • Massachusetts: ‘Humble bus driver’ uses lockdown and constant nudges from students to finally get College degree.

  • During lockdown, there's been a surge in businesses donating food to charities.

  • Kanye West announces he's running for president this year. That should shake things up rather nicely!

  • In good news for China-phobes, Boris Johnson set to 'end use' of Huawei technology in UK's 5G network.

  • Europe: Whether in France, Ireland or Germany, Green Parties are gaining ground. Even if they don't make inroads into national governments, they're bound to be able to exert their influence more strongly than before.

  • Cities: Private vehicles are being designed out of urban areas with encouraging results for communities and businesses.

  • Australia: Movement to get the Aussie government to abolish luxury car tax on EVs gathers pace.

  • Prince Charles is 'the fittest man I know' and 'like a mountain goat' boasts smitten Camilla in interview to celebrate 72 years of the NHS (founded 4 months before he was born).

  • East Africa: Strange as it may sound, scientists are getting satellites to figure out where locusts are hatching in order to eradicate them before they start swarming.

  • Elton John is releasing a series of classic concerts for free on his YouTube channel, starting this week with his 1976 set at the Playhouse Theatre, Edinburgh – a rare solo-show.

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