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OGN Sunday

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Today's round up of bite sized chunks of good news.

  • Nick Abbott came upon Emerson - a rescue dog - in a Facebook post in Florida. Nick was interested in Emerson immediately as they both have hearing difficulties. "I said, ‘Oh, he’s deaf, too. Maybe I can go check him out to see what he’s all about." When he visited the rescue centre, Emerson came right to him and laid at his feet. "He kind of picked me," Nick recalls. "And I knew right then and there that we would get along and understand each other pretty well." Since the very first day of their life together, Nick started teaching the pup sign language. "The bond we have is awesome. We understand each other very well. I’d like to think it was meant to be. He’s special."

  • The race for a Covid vaccine is reaching its nail-biting conclusion, with the glimmer of a possibility that one of the leading contenders will be approved by Christmas.

  • Sadly the British Museum is currently closed so you can't get in to see its delightful exhibition of Arctic life. But if you want to know the 10 essentials you need to live in the most northerly place on earth, here's the answer.

  • Man digs canal for 30 years to save village: This is a truly remarkable story from rural India.

  • Skywatchers can enjoy a celestial show that lasts all month. It's been a dazzling year in the night sky, with bright comets and plentiful meteor showers that continue in November with the annual appearance of the Taurids and Leonids. The Taurids are expected to reach maximum activity the night of 11 November, whilst the Leonids are just becoming active this week and will stay with us until the end of the month.

  • Vegan Butchers: It may sound like an oxymoron, but in a corner of north London, a gleaming new butchers has just opened - and it doesn't sell any meat.

  • Cliff Richard has become the first artist to reach the Top 5 of the UK album chart across eight consecutive decades. His new album Music …The Air That I Breathe reaches No 3 this week, continuing a run that stretches back to his 1959 album Cliff, recorded as Cliff Richard and the Drifters, which reached No 4. He scored his first No 1 album two years later with 21 Today, and has topped the chart six more times since.

  • An 11-year-old girl from Cambridge has completed her challenge to reach 7.1 million keepy-uppies, one for every UK key worker, to raise money for a number of charities. Young footballer Imogen Papworth-Heidel completed a total of 1,123,586 keepy-uppies during an unbroken 195 day run, reaching more than 7,000 a day during lockdown and the summer holidays. The remaining 5,976,414 were donated by around 2,000 people who took videos of themselves joining in the challenge - among them Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford - and emailed them to her parents. She raised over £14,000.

  • Harness your community spirit: As the UK hunkers down for a month at home, here are the most useful ways you can lend a hand to people in your area during Lockdown 2.

  • The Queen's Gambit - on Netflix. Utterly gorgeous to look at, this adaptation of Walter Tevis’s bestseller about an orphan chess prodigy battling grandmasters at the same time as addiction is the perfect escapist, rags-to-riches tale at a time when we all need to believe there is something better within us and out in the world. The most bingeable, comforting new series around. Tempted? Here's the trailer:

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