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OGN Tuesday

Collection of good news snippets to brighten your day.

  • Japan: Dozens of fireworks displays erupted simultaneously across the country yesterday to cheer up the public, urge the gods to end the pandemic and provide practice for struggling pyrotechnic artisans.

  • Britain may offer "path to citizenship" for nearly 3 million in Hong Kong.

  • Russia’s space agency criticised Donald Trump’s “hysteria” about the first space flight of NASA astronauts from U.S. soil in nine years, but also said it was good news that there was now another way to travel into space (rather than always relying on the Russians).

  • In good news for the environment, used electric car batteries could be recycled into new life as energy storage for solar farms, says new study.

  • Australia: Only 21 people remain in hospital with the virus.

  • South Africa: Many spent a big chunk of yesterday lining up outside liquor stores, as alcohol sales were allowed again after a two-month ban.

  • Florida: A pirate radio station - which is run strictly by retirees to help older adults cope with loneliness - has extended its operation due to high demand, with no end date to the broadcasts in sight.

  • Malaysia: It is now 10 days since anyone died a coronavirus-related death, according to the latest update from the health ministry.

  • Mounting evidence suggests the coronavirus is much more common and significantly less deadly than it first appeared. And that it's weakening.

  • UK: The Queen has been riding in the grounds of Windsor Castle - the first time she has been seen outside since lockdown began.

  • England: A Cabinet Minister has insisted the lockdown is being eased in a “very cautious” way as children begin returning to school.

  • Greece: Another step towards normality this week, lifting lockdown restrictions on hotels, open-air cinemas, golf courses and public swimming pools.

  • This year looks like being a record-breaker for summer staycations.

  • Turkey: Istanbul’s 550-year-old Grand Bazaar reopened its doors this week for the first time in more than two months, along with cafés, restaurants, public buildings, sports facilities, childcare centres, parks and beaches.

  • Paris: Cafés opened terraces over the weekend to the joy of customers, although this only becomes legal from Tuesday.

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