Good News Tuesday

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Collection of all the best snippets of uplifting news today.

  • Hainan Island, China: World’s most endangered primate population (Hainan gibbons) triples after 17 years of careful conservation.

  • Israel: Researchers develop self-cleaning face mask which could kill coronavirus and be sold for as little as $1.

  • We've all rediscovered a love of clean air. Shouldn't polluting industries requiring government financial support only receive it if green strings are attached?

  • Spain: ready for tourists in July.

  • Italy: Gallery introduces tags to keep visitors 1.5 metres apart by vibrating and lighting up if they get too close.

  • Czech Republic: Lifts face mask rule as coronavirus restrictions ease and the compulsory wearing of face masks ditched as pubs, restaurants and hotels reopen.

  • France: records lowest number of daily Covid-19 cases since March and, starting with Brittany, beaches start to reopen.

  • A green recovery can produce higher returns on public spending and create more jobs in both the short term and the long term, compared to the alternative of pouring stimulus cash into the fossil fuel economy.

  • Thailand: Recorded the largest number of nests of rare leatherback sea turtles in two decades, found on beaches empty of tourists.

  • Albania: One of the country's largest bee farms says this has been a "golden year" for bees thanks to a break from pollution and pesticides.

  • Chicago: A hairstylist was left in tears after a customer tipped her $2,500 before leaving another $3,300 for salon staff who were just returning to work after closure.