OGN Wednesday

Round-up of good news snippets to brighten your day.

  • Mars: It's going to be a busy summer for Mars space launches. Both China and the US have missions due to launch in July, but did you know that the United Arab Emirates was launching one too? (UAE rocket pictured)

  • Florida: Anonymous donor has saved a restaurant that might otherwise have closed for good, due to lockdown. Not only has this generosity (an incredible $40,000) kept the restaurant open, it also enabled the owners to offer a big “Thank you” by providing food to local healthcare workers.

  • England: Many rare seahorses return to Dorset coast for the first time since 2008.

  • The best way out of the pandemic remains a vaccine but, as New Zealand has shown, it's possible to eliminate the coronavirus without one.

  • Malaysia: To reopen nearly all economic activity and allow interstate travel from today.

  • Europe: Demand grows for a green recovery with some strange bed-fellows teaming up to promote the environment.

  • UK: Bosses of the travel and hospitality industry have been privately assured by the Government that “air bridges” will be introduced for foreign summer holidays from June 29 to replace blanket quarantine.

  • Royal Ascot: You can still dress up for next week's racing - even though the event will take place 'behind closed doors' - and make a valuable contribution to charities.

  • Singapore: Joining New Zealand and Canada in thinking about implementing a 4 day week. (Back in 2019, Microsoft Japan introduced a 4-day week and demonstrated a 40% improvement in productivity.)

  • Virtual Exhibition: One of the most curious of the year, Mushrooms: The Art, Design and Future of Fungi, was forced to close at Somerset House when lockdown struck. But a virtual tour has now sprung up (so to speak) in its place. Did you know that we’ve been eating psychoactive mushrooms for over 10,000 years? Somerset House

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