OGN Wednesday

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Lots of news snippets of positive news from all corners of the globe.

  • US: One of America’s most prestigious schools - the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - just elected its first-ever black woman as student body president: Danielle Geathers. And Princeton University has just named its first black valedictorian in the school's 274-year history. Nicholas Johnson, a Canadian student majoring in operations research and financial engineering, has been named valedictorian of Princeton's Class of 2020.

  • Boxing great Floyd Mayweather has offered to cover the funeral expenses for George Floyd.

  • European Royalty: who have been the heroes and zeroes during lockdown?

  • Europe: EU plans to spend $22 billion annually to protect 30% of land and oceans for biodiversity.

  • Singapore: Schools reopen as lockdown restrictions are eased.

  • England: Rare heath butterfly returns home after 150 years.

  • Vaccine: Moderna has led the pack in the American race to make a vaccine and has now dosed its first set of patients in a second phase clinical trial. Meanwhile, Russia approves 'game-changer' drug to treat Covid-19 after promising study 'shows the antiviral can kill the pathogen in 10 days and halves the duration of the disease'.

  • Universal Basic Income: Finland experimented, California's trialing a limited version, but Spain is implementing it. That's really great news for its impoverished people.

  • UK airline EasyJet to resume flights to most of Europe by August.

  • Parisians have reclaimed their cafe terraces and Berliners took back their bars as normal life inches closer to returning in many parts of Europe.

  • Wuhan, China, where the virus originated, tests on almost 10 million people over the past two weeks uncovered only 300 asymptomatic carriers. Let's hope that's true!

  • A group of more than 230 former world leaders, global health experts and economists called on the G20 to convene an urgent summit to provide a “strongly coordinated global response” to what they described as an unprecedented global crisis. Come on G20, pull your finger out!