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Grandma Catches Phone Scammer

A clever grandma from Long Island turned the tables on a telephone scammer who tried to dupe her out of $8,000 in cash.

Series of images showing scammer being tackled by police.
Courtesy of Nassau County Police Department

The 73-year-old got a call from a man claiming to be her grandson, saying he’d been arrested for drunk driving and needed to be bailed out of jail.

However, she knew that her grandson could not drive and immediately suspected a hustle. “I knew he was a real scammer,” she told CBS2. “I just knew he wasn’t going to scam me.”

The next day, she received a call from a different man claiming to be her grandson’s lawyer, asking for $8,000. Keeping her wits about her, the savvy granny lured in the would-be swindler and foiled the plot with a cunning plan of her own.

“I told him I had the money in the house and I figured he’s not going to fall for that,” she told the station. “Well, he fell for that - hook, line, and sinker.”

Having already called the police, she had only to wait for the unsuspecting crook to show up at her door at the agreed time - which he duly did.

Footage from Jean’s doorbell cam shows a masked man wearing a trench coat appear, accept an envelope (which she’d stuffed with paper towels), turn, and leave.

He didn’t get far, though. Footage shows police officers rush out of the house and tackle him to the ground, before taking him into custody. Sayonara!


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