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Grandpa Reads The Comics

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

It's a fairly innocuous title for a YouTube channel hosted by this particular grandpa and, until recently, only had around 200 subscribers. If he was lucky, he might get two or three views for each video he uploaded to the channel. Then, suddenly, everything changed.

Grandpa Reads The Comics
Grandpa Reads The Comics | Facebook

Cole Caetano is known for finding and promoting content creators with little to no followers and skyrocketing them to fame.

Cole recently stumbled upon the YouTube channel 'Grandpa Reads The Comics' where the channel's 'about' section says: "I love to read the comics to my kids and grandkids. Since the Coronavirus, I haven't been able to read to them. I can play the banjo, the ukulele, the piano, and ping pong, not any of them that good, but good enough for a Grandpa. If you need a Grandpa or want an extra Grandpa, join us."

Caetano fell in love with the videos and posted a short montage of the channel on his social media accounts.

In the first 24 hours, 'Grandpa Reads The Comics' reached over 100,000 followers. As of today, the channel has almost hit half a million subscribers. Can you imagine the look of delight on Grandpa's face as suddenly, out of the blue, his subscription base skyrocketed?

"If there was a Mount Rushmore of people who have helped my life, you'd be on my Mount Rushmore buddy," Grandpa told Caetano.

Want to see what Grandpa gets up to on his YouTube channel? Click here



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