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Ground Transport at Airplane Speeds

The HyperPort will allow port operators to transport cargo containers hundreds of miles in a few minutes.

To date, all news about zero emission hyperloops have concentrated on getting people from A to B at fabulous speeds - like Virgin's hyperloop - but now the much-hyped concept is one step closer to becoming reality with the announcement of HyperloopTT's HyperPort. But for freight.

The HyperPort is a "sustainable high-speed cargo and freight solution capable of increasing capacity and efficiency while decreasing pollution and congestion at ports worldwide," the company says. Of course, it's not just the benefit of speed; it would also take countless fossil fuel guzzling freight trucks off the road too.

The HyperPort system will be capable of sustainably moving 2,800 containers per day at speeds of up 600 km/h (327 mph), meaning the HyperPort enables "airplane speeds at freight costs," HyperloopTT says in its press release.

The HyperPort freight capsule was designed by Spanish firm Mormedi, with a view to disrupting cargo transport using hyperloop technology, reports Interesting Engineering. HyperloopTT says that "HyperPort capsule, infrastructure, and system components are [currently] undergoing optimization in preparation for commercial deployment."

Bring it on!


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