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Groundbreaking Swiss Travel App

Perfect for locals and tourists, the app makes it easy to abandon your car and nip about on public transport instead.

There are many reasons to visit Switzerland. It is beautiful, safe and clean. It boasts ancient cities, mighty glaciers, spectacular mountains, great skiing and some of the most opulent hotels on the planet. But it also has another sensational, yet lesser-known attraction: a mind-blowingly clever travel app, reports The Telegraph.

The app – SBB Mobile – is so good that three million Swiss people (almost half the country) have downloaded it. But it's not just for locals. If you’re a tourist, the SBB app makes it incredibly easy to take advantage of Switzerland’s famously efficient, gloriously integrated public transport system – trains, buses, trams, ferries, bikes – meaning you can nip around this compact country with ease, and see the best of it all, without going near a car.

So, first get the app, then invest in a Swiss Travel Pass. An 8 day pass costs £330/CHF418 for inclusive second-class travel on all public trains, buses, boats, etc, plus entrance to 500+ nationwide museums, and discounts on mountain excursions.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if all countries had an app like this? Of course, such countries would need a fully integrated public transport system too. We can but dream!


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