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OGN Quiz #1

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Have a go at these 10 'figure out the city' questions. You can phone a friend! Or share with multiple friends through social media or email, simply by clicking on your preferred link immediately underneath the quiz.

So, remember, all answers are city names. To give you a helpful steer to get you started: if we were to ask, what city does 'Fill up your house' refer to? The answer would be: Stockholm. Get the idea? Have a go at the 10 below. Answers will be published tomorrow. Please check back then to see how brilliant (or otherwise) you've been, or Sign Up to our daily Good News bulletin if you'd like the answers delivered by email.

  1. Say goodbye to your mother

  2. Small cockney pet water barrier

  3. Super hero costume city

  4. Three times the fifth letter

  5. Reserve a nap

  6. Religious nuisance

  7. Set off in a fashionable vehicle

  8. Where you would wash your hands in the underworld

  9. Put father in a carrier bag

  10. This capital city is an anagram of its last capital city

Good luck!

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