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Happy News

Fed up with being crushed by negativity in the mainstream media? Need a positive dose of happy news? Well, the really good news is that you've found Only Good News Daily where, every day, you can enjoy an eclectic collection of inspiring, upbeat, happy news.

Woman celebrating some happy news

Here's a bit about OGN Daily that we hope will convince you that it's worth signing up to our free daily goodnewsletter.

The team at OGN Daily sift through the world's media to seek out the news that will help put a smile on our readers' faces.

We all need to read happy news to boost our spirits, and our team (based in England, America, France and Canada) do the research for you and, every day, carefully curate the best nuggets of happy positivity, and publish them for you to enjoy.

The happy news subject matter at OGN Daily ranges across numerous fields, including the environment, nature, culture, wellbeing, photography, sustainability, science and history. You can enjoy it in bite sized chunks - we publish a concise daily collection that we call good news nuggets - as well as more in-depth articles. Click All News to get an across the board flavour of the sort of daily happy news that we publish.

On Sunday's, the format is a little different as we publish a Good News Magazine. This includes half a dozen inspiring articles and a couple of great mood boosting videos.

If you would like to have a daily dose of good news delivered to your email in-box each morning, why not sign up to the goodnewsletter? It's free and only takes a few seconds. Or, if you prefer, you could bookmark our website and return to browse the happy news whenever the mood takes you.


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