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Happy Rocks

There are so many ways to show that you care and are thinking of others. Like the group of people who have been carrying out small acts of kindness in and around a town in Hertfordshire, England.

In the country town of Hemel Hempstead, there's a community Facebook group called Hemel Rocks, and their aim is to spread little moments of joy by painting a rock, taking a photo and uploading it for others to see. The rock or stone is then hidden for a stranger to find. Each has “FB #HemelRocks” painted or written on it, so that those who find it can upload a picture of their new discovery.

These inspiring and surprising stones are randomly left all over the place for people to find. Many include uplifting messages on them, such as “Be Kind” or simply “Be Happy.” And there are now lots of them awaiting discovery as Hemel Rocks has grown to have 6,300 members, all creating, hiding and finding painted rocks. It's delightful in its positivity, creativity and simplicity, reports The Telegraph.

“It’s really brought out some people’s artistic side,” said Chris, one of the founders of the group. “Although you don’t have to be a fantastic artist.” Chris herself has been lovingly positioning her creations around primary schools, as she knows the children love finding them. Sometimes people find a rock and take it; sometimes they leave it for someone else.

During lockdown it was difficult to hide the rocks, although many were painted and made ready for hiding. Now, after a quick clean, they are being sprinkled around again, using gloves to position them.

“It’s quite simple and makes people smile,” Chris says. “This is a great way for family and friends to come together and get out and about in the fresh air, and a great community thing. It has also shown how many talented artists we have and is bringing Hemel together. People are getting to know the area in which they live and making new friends.”

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