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It's an innovative concrete-like building insulation that's better for people and better for the planet.

The revolutionary material doesn’t contain any harmful synthetic ingredients like fiberglass or foam board, but rather, this concrete-like blend is made from the woody core of the cannabis plant, called hemp hurd, with water and lime mixed in.

The resulting insulation acts like a toxin-free sponge that absorbs moisture from the surrounding air when it’s humid and releases it again when it’s dry. This regulates not only temperature but also 'air feel' as well for improved comfort. Paris housing projects, where hempcrete is being used, rarely have to turn the heating on, even in deep winter.

Clearly, healthier insulation is good news for humans as it reduces exposure to toxins in living spaces, but it also has powerful environmental advantages. Unlike commercial insulation production, which generates emissions, in eight weeks of growing, an acre of hemp can sequester a remarkable 10 tons of CO2. That’s more than an acre of trees can sequester 52 weeks. Plus, when combined with lime, the resulting hempcrete continues to act like a sponge, absorbing carbon emissions from other construction materials used in the building.

The construction industry, combined with the power needed to heat and cool buildings, is responsible for approximately 40 percent of global carbon emissions. Hempcrete is, therefore, a win win material and part of the solution.


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