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Hero Pet Dog Saves Entire Neighbourhood

A potentially disastrous gas leak was detected underground in a quiet Philadelphia neighbourhood by a pet husky.

Pet husky owned by Chanell Bell
Credit: Chanell Bell

In very good news for everyone living around her, Chanell Bell trusted her intuition and listened to what Kobe, her 4-year-old husky, was trying to tell her.

Chanell was aware Kobe was busy digging a hole in her front yard but she didn’t think much of it as he is an avid digger - but as it got larger and larger, she took notice.

“I trust his judgment because that isn’t his typical behavior,” she said. “He has great senses and he never digs holes unless he is helping me dig; I knew something was up.” Serendipitously, perhaps, Chanell had had a gas leak in the house earlier in December, and seeing that the hole went under the sidewalk, she “trusted her intuition” to take out her gas detection device.

Immediately, the reading detected gas. Not just gas, but a potentially cataclysmic amount of gas.

Chanell quickly alerted authorities who subsequently informed her that if Kobe hadn’t detected the leak when he did just before Christmas, the consequences could have been truly awful for her and many people and houses around her.

“It feels amazing to know Kobe saved our block, I am very thankful to have him,” she said. “I hope that this spreads awareness to others about the dangers and severity of gas leaks and to pay attention to your fur babies!”


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