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High School Robotics Team Changed Child's Life

A lovely story of support, kindness and talent.

Born with a genetic condition, 2-year-old Cillian Jackson was unable to move around independently. His parents could not afford the $20,000 motorized wheelchair he needed, and their insurance refused to cover it.⁠

Cillian’s life changed when the robotics students at his father’s former Minnesota high school took it upon themselves to build him a custom set of wheels at an affordable price.⁠

The multi-award winning Rogue Robotics team at Farmington High School modified a Power Wheels toy car into a motorized wheelchair suitable for Cillian. The improvised wheelchair is equipped with a joystick, safety bumpers, and a harness - and he loves it!

“I think we won here more than we do in our competitions,” one of the team members said.⁠

“Instead of completing a task, we’re helping change someone’s life,” another one added.⁠

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