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Hilarious Snowplow Names in Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin, asked the public for their ideas for the best names for their fleet of four specialist vehicles and then asked them to vote for their favourite submissions. After the thousands of votes were counted, the results were as follows...

City of Madison (Wisconsin) chief salting truck: Saltimus Prime
Credit: City of Madison

The city’s chief salting truck will be named Saltimus Prime and a smaller, agile, bike path-plower will be named Snowbi Wan Kenobi.

'Seymour Pavement' is to be the name of the city’s loader/plow, while the Dual Wing Plow Truck will be dubbed Dolly Plowton.

The City of Madison website declares that honorable mentions should be given to KeaNo Freeze, Albert Brinestein and to the chemistry students who came up with Snowdium Clearride.

Meanwhile, last year, a Scottish road infrastructure company that's responsible for maintaining public roads and bridges, and keeping the roads clear from debris and snow, took the plunge and held a public competition to name their 50-strong fleet of salting and plowing trucks. We won't list them all, but here are some of OGN's favourites:

  • Coldfinger

  • Sleetwood Mac

  • William Wall-Ice

  • Lord Coldemort

  • Snowcially Distanced

  • Carrie Bradthaw

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