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How to Make a Spacesuit

SpaceX introduced a sleek new 'superhero' style design for their missions.

The SpaceX spacesuits designed for Crew Dragon astronauts look a lot different from the usual NASA suits that have been in service for years. SpaceX shared an inside look at the spacesuit design in a video released Monday that offers some insight into one of the most visible parts of the Crew Dragon mission.

The spacesuits feature a sleek, streamlined design and have a symbiotic relationship with the seats in the Crew Dragon spacecraft. They hook up via an "umbilical" that connects the astronauts to everything from communications to air for breathing. 

Chris Trigg, spacesuits and crew equipment manager, said SpaceX prioritized ease of use for the suits, "something the crew just has to literally plug in when they sit down and then the suit kind of takes care of itself from there."  

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