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Hyundai Unveils Car That Can Park Sideways

Hyundai has been working on its e-corner wheel system for several years now. At this year's CES in Las Vegas, it showed off the remarkable fruits of that labour.

Hyundai Mobis
Credit: Hyundai Mobis

The Mobis e-Corner module is a comprehensive 'In-Wheel' package that combines electric motor propulsion, braking, steering and suspension into a single unit. The four wheels are therefore independent but can also move in unison - or in separate directions depending on the desired direction of travel.

How about parking in a tight spot? Forget mere crab walking - this hatch can forego parallel parking and, at the press of a button, roll laterally into a tight space. The Hyundai Mobis can also strafe, or drive diagonally. It even has a turning circle of zero centimetres beyond the front and back bumpers.

"The Mobion represents the embodiment of Hyundai Mobis' core technologies, all of which are ready for immediate mass production," said Hyundai Mobis VP Lee Seung-Hwan. "Always striving to shift the mobility paradigm with vehicles, Mobis created Mobion to showcase our key products and capabilities."

Those who couldn't make it to CES to experience the Mobion in person can watch the system at work in the video below.


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