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Interesting Words You May Not Know

A bakers dozen of obscure words that you may not have come across before.

Sign saying: Love to Learn

Dactylogram: Fingerprint.

Diaporesis: Rhetorical expression of uncertainty of which of two options to adopt.

Disembrangle: To free from dispute.

Menisciform: Shaped like a crescent.

Natable: Able to float.

Neologism: A newly coined word or expression.

Onomastics: The study of names.

Pantisocracy: A form of utopian social organization in which all are equal in social position and responsibility.

Polysemantic: Word with more than one possible meaning.

Scenography: Representation of an object in perspective.

Sigla: A letter or symbol which stands for a word or name.

Subnivium: The seasonal micro-environment beneath the snow.

Tetrakis hexahedron: Cube with a pyramid erected on each face.

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