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International Photography Awards 2023

The 20th edition of the International Photography Awards brings together a stunning collection of images from professional and amateur photographers around the world. Tens of thousands of images underwent evaluation by an international panel of judges before winners were selected in various different categories.

“As I was viewing the submissions, I was acutely aware and thrilled by the love and passion that people all over the world have for the photograph as a medium for story-telling,” commented Quentin Nardi, photo editor of the Smithsonian Magazine and IPA jury member. “The work that used light and shadow, composition, technical skills, and complex color exploration to make a more sophisticated image - one that would hold my eye and call to me to linger longer - is the image that got my vote.”

Below, OGN features a handful of this year's stunning images, but if you'd like to see more, head to the International Photography Awards website. Submissions for the 2024 Awards are now being accepted too.

Dalmatian dog sitting on a vintage chair
“Pets Meets Vintage” by Horst Kistner | Professional Winner, Special.

Aerial view of snowy winter landscape
“Ice Fantasy” by Barbara and Maciej Noskowski | Professional Winner, Nature.

Skier leaping through red smoke
“Mikaël Kingsbury, Olympic Freestyle skier” by Finn O'Hara | Professional Winner, Sports.

Sunbathers near the Tower of London
“Old Father Thames” by Julia Fullerton-Batten | Professional Winner, Fine Art.

Colourful vaulted arches
“Polychromo” by Bevil Templeton-Smith | Non-Professional Winner, Fine Art.

Flowering anemone
“Anemone Purity” by Claudia Gaupp | Non-Professional, Nature.

Ship on land in Hong Kong
“Ships on Land” by Professional Gang Wang | Winner, Architecture
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