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Is This The Ultimate Pairing For Adventurers?

One of the most outrageous sci-fi vehicles we've ever seen is moving toward a 2025 debut. This electric six-wheel off-roader can stop and deploy a two-seat eVTOL aircraft, for unstoppable multi-mode adventure travel on an entirely new level.

The two-part AeroHT flying modular car concept
The two-part AeroHT flying modular car concept | Credit: Xpeng AeroHT

Whilst creating and manufacturing the six-wheel off-roader is not, in itself, a particularly extraordinary feat, most observers thought the concept of pairing it with an eVTOL was "pie in the sky" when the idea was first unveiled in 2023. Now, however, Xpeng is moving forward with the Chinese airworthiness certification process necessary to develop the most compelling part of this dual-mode vehicle: the two-seat, fold-out, multi-rotor eVTOL.

The whole thing seemed like a crazy sci-fi fantasy, but apparently it's not. AeroHT (Xpeng's parent company) says it's preparing the Land Aircraft Carrier for preorder by Q4 2024, presumably with something resembling a real model name. It even says it hopes to begin individual deliveries in Q4 2025, reports New Atlas.

It remains to be seen exactly how this thing might end up being certified for sale, how much it might cost, or what kind of license you might need, if any - but the China's aviation authority has shown it's willing to accelerate eVTOL certification in the name of competitive advantage.

OGN will keep you posted. In the meantime, here's a short video to whet your appetite...


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