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Kidney Donor Becomes Family

Owner and donor meet up and become best friends.

41-year-old Booker T. Williams, from California, underwent a kidney transplant procedure in May 2019, when he was already at stage 5 of a kidney disease. A complete stranger - Lisa Sorlie, 53, from Wisconsin, donated her kidney to save his life.⁠ The two of them connected by accident through a Facebook group for kidney donors. Lisa and Booker quickly became “best friends” and started planning to meet.⁠

In May this year, the two of them met for the first time at the Milwaukee Brewers vs. Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game. "It was awesome. We just talked through everything. I would have missed the game," Lisa commented.⁠

To top things off, Booker surprised her at the end of the third innings when on the scoreboard appeared a message: “Happy transplant anniversary 143. With all my kidney, you’re my hero, Lisa Sorlie.”

One good turn deserves another!


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