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Kids' Mental Health Podcast

A podcast about mental health is helping schoolchildren flourish.

Pupils in Australia have been working on a podcast about mental health to help children and teachers around the world stay resilient.

The students at Woollahra Public School in Sydney have been working with social enterprise Grow Your Mind to create the podcast, which they hope will offer any child or teacher the chance to learn how to stay resilient.

The Grow Your Mind website invites you to tune in and hear kids teaching kids about their mental health and ways to be resilient. Topics explored: gratitude, benefit mindset, healthy friendships, courage, movement, hope and more. The site goes on to say; "We created this podcast to provide teachers, students and families anywhere in the world with access to engaging wellbeing lessons. It is a super flexible learning resource that is free. The podcast uses humour and storytelling as a vehicle for children to explore what it means to feel mentally healthy."

“I used to hear a lot ‘the kids need to be more resilient’,” says Nicole Molloy, Woollahra school’s principal, who has been a teacher for 25 years.

“We don’t say that they need to be able do this maths problem; we explicitly teach them how to complete the maths problem. So why shouldn’t we be doing that for mental health? Why shouldn’t we be giving them the building blocks for being more resilient or hopeful?”

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