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Kind Man Builds Raft to Save Unlucky Swan's Eggs

42-year-old Rob Adamson lives on a boat in Cambridgeshire, England. He is locally known as ‘the swan man’ as he has previously raised an abandoned cygnet called Sid.

Mother swan attending to her 8 eggs
Credit: Jones Boatyard

So after he witnessed one particular swan lose her eggs to floods and foxes multiple times, he decided to help. "You're not supposed to interfere, but it had got to the point where they were all going to die. She is the unluckiest swan; I needed to make sure they survived," he commented.

Rob built a makeshift raft at Jones Boatyard, where he lives and works, to save the latest nest in May. He even put up a fence to stop foxes and his efforts paid off. All of the swan’s 8 eggs have since hatched, and Rob is now keeping a close eye on the family.

"It is so lovely watching them grow up. I keep an eye on them and whenever they see me, they swim over to my boat and do a greeting. The parents are always happy to see me and I think the babies recognise me from when I sat guarding the nest. People underestimate how clever swans are."

"This is why I am here, living on the water. I'm in dreamland with all the wildlife. I wouldn't swap my boat for a £10m house."



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