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Shelf Life: Lamborghini Countach

Only 199 examples of this Lamborghini Countach LP400 will be built, recreating every aspect of the iconic 1970s supercar, at a 1:8 scale.

You can buy a full scale version for around $1m or you can indulge your classic car desires with a small one that doesn't cost anything to run and just needs an occasional dusting.

Lamborghini Countach LP400 at 1:8 scale
Credit: Amalgam Collection

This remarkably detailed recreation of the most famous Lamborghini of all is one of a series of bespoke model cars from Amalgam Collection, based in Bristol, UK. Founded in 1995, the company builds cars to 1:8 scale, allowing for extremely high levels of detail. This requires the original manufacturer’s CAD data and engineering drawings, as well as digital scans and photographs of a full-size car.

Amalgam’s model is just over 19 inches long (50cm) and comes complete with fully opening doors, headlights, front luggage compartment and rear engine cover, showing the depth of detail that Amalgam’s model makers have to go to capture everything from cabin switchgear to fuel lines on the miniature V12 engine. Available in either Giallo Fly yellow or Rosso Red, there are also bespoke options should you wish to create an exact replica of an existing car.

All images courtesy of Amalgam Collection

The Countach will join a line-up of highly collectable 1:8 scale models that run from pre-war classics to contemporary Formula 1 cars, each of which takes up to 450 hours to build.

Whilst the Countach was famously good looking (if you like that sort of thing), it wasn’t actually all that great to drive. So, arguably, Amalgam’s offering is a tempting alternative. Prices start at £14,835 ($18,750) from

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