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Lost Wedding Ring Found

A lady who lost her wedding ring in the garden almost four decades ago has just found it buried in the soil - a few days before her 40th anniversary.

Paula Walter lost the precious wedding band back in 1983 when she was playing catch with her son outside their home in Devon on England's south coast. Despite conducting lengthy searches with a metal detector, it was never found.

Paula, now aged 65, tied the knot with her now 73 year old husband Joe in August 1980 and was, naturally, distraught by the disappearance of her cherished 18 carat gold ring.

“My house backs onto woodland and I thought possibly that the ring flew in there. I thought it was gone forever,” recalled Paula. “Over the years - whenever we’ve been in the garden or out there - I’ve always said ‘have a look for the ring,’ but we never found it.”

To her surprise and delight, however, the missing ring was finally unearthed last month. Paula’s lucky break occurred when she hired a local landscaping company to spruce up her garden shortly before her 40th wedding anniversary.

“We had a gardening company come in and landscape our garden and I told them about the ring and the whole story,” says Paula. Although the garden had been dug up multiple times in the past, this time they struck gold, literally.

“They called me out into the garden a while later saying they had a surprise for me and then handed me my wedding ring. It was in the garden where I was standing and where I had been playing ball with my son all those years ago. I was so shocked, but incredibly grateful. It’s wonderful to have it back.”

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