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Madam President 2024

Surely the time is coming when America will avoid picking another old man. OGN suggests a couple of surprising possible candidates, on both sides of the political aisle. Yes, it's Ivanka versus Meghan!

It will have come to the notice of perspicacious readers that there’s a US election in the not too distant future. Come rain or shine, voters will decide whether to 'make America great again, again' (to quote Vice President Pence) or whether, in fact, they’re done with greatness and are keen to try out a different old man for the next four years.


But, you may be wondering, shouldn't we be looking ahead to who might be in the race for the White House next time around? Canny observers with figurative crystal balls have argued that Kamala Harris was picked by Joe Biden as running mate with a view to her moving to the top slot in 2024. However, and you'll need to bear with us, there may be another scenario: albeit one that also leads to the first Madam President.

Let's not forget that Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, has just been weaponised by her father’s campaign machine, to try to aid his re-election, even though she insists that she tries “stay out of politics.” Speaking on the final night of the Republican National Convention, hair blowing in the breeze like an Eighties power balladeer, the 38-year-old droned on about her father’s many accomplishments and, as she stepped from the podium, we all spotted the most extraordinary look of discontent on the current First Lady's tortured face. What was that about? But a better question might be: is Ivanka eyeing a slot on the 2024 Republican ticket?

Whether or not she's qualified for the top job - her father has already demonstrated that you don't need to be - we all know that America loves a dynasty and, extraordinarily (and alarmingly), the bookies already have the odds of her winning the 2024 election at 33/1.

On the other side of the political aisle, currently being offered at 100/1 by the bookies, is the Duchess of Sussex. This may underestimate Meghan, who’s been open about her desire to do good in the world. If she’s harbouring any presidential ambitions, it’s not surprising that she’s kept them to herself so far - it doesn’t do for British Royals to have opinions, even if you now live in Santa Barbara. But where else except the White House is there to go when you’ve already made it to princess level in your 30s? 

Of course, if history is anything to go by, the odds are stacked against Meghan and Ivanka. Oh no! Apart from loving a dynasty, America loves to have an old man in charge. However, over the next four years voters may (finally!) get fed up with a septuagenarian running the show, and who knows what could happen. Particularly in Meghan's case.

Think about it. Spouses are, present incumbent excepted, normally crucial to drawing in the voters. And Prince Harry's already got the smiling, glad-handing and pretending to care about things he’s not really that fussed about down to a tee, after a lifetime of practice; the rest should come easy enough. Perhaps crucially, he would also be the first Presidential spouse with a reasonably impressive military war record, having fought alongside the Americans in far flung 'axis of evil' regions. Voters will love that.

As for what each woman would stand for: well, hang on, first let’s work out what Trump and Biden are standing for. So, time to nip down to the bookies for a quick flutter?

Article inspiration: Telegraph

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