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Man Breaks 52 World Records in 52 Weeks

Ever contemplated the idea of trying to set a world record for most kiwifruits sliced over the duration of one minute, with a samurai sword, while standing on an exercise ball?

David Rush holding one of his Guinness World Record certificates.
David photographed by his wife Jennifer

Well, David Rush has. He's one of the world’s most prolific Guinness World Record holders with over 200 titles, and now likely to be the owner of what is probably a world record in its own right: breaking a Guinness World Record every week for all 52 weeks in a year.

The process for double-checking every record attempt for authenticity is thorough and complicated and will take much longer than 52 weeks to verify, but Guinness has so far approved 43 of Rush’s 52 submitted records. With his track record, literally and figuratively, it's likely that the remaining 9 will be approved too.

So, what other crazy, innovative records has this man from Idaho achieved? Well, in addition to a wide variety of juggling records such as fastest 100-meter dash while juggling blindfolded, longest time juggling three objects while standing on an exercise ball, most consecutive razor-sharp axes juggled and caught, and most thrown grapes caught in one’s mouth whilst juggling three objects; there was also a variety of beat-the-clock records, like fastest time to set up a chessboard, most t-shirts put on in 30 seconds, most bars of wet soap stacked in one minute, and the fastest time to burst 10 balloons.

He says he saved the hardest for last, which was the fastest 100-meter dash while blindfolded. The principal challenge, Rush says, was staying within the track markers.

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