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Man Told to Hide His Boat From View Has Anarchic Solution

A California man who was ordered to keep his boat out of sight has had the last laugh by commissioning an artist to paint a realistic image of it on the fence that obscures it.

Local government officials instructed Etienne Constable, of Seaside, California, that he must build a 6-foot fence to hide his speedboat from view of his neighbors.

A speedboat mural painted on a fence in California
Speedboat mural painted on a fence | KSBW

In a thoroughly entertaining riposte to officialdom, Constable decided to follow the directive, which said nothing about how the fence should be decorated, and asked local artist Hanif Panni to create a mural that makes it look as if the fence isn't there.

"I’m not a rule-breaker, but I like to make a political statement as necessary, as well as a humorous statement and a creative statement," he told NBC affiliate KSBW of Monterey Bay.

Apparently he hasn't had any follow up contact with any of the local government officials about his artistic and mildly anarchic solution to the instructions he received, but says that he considers his mural to be covered by the right to freedom of expression as enshrined in the First Amendment.

This story could run and run. OGN will keep you posted.



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