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Ministry of Silly Walks

Bringing some humour and positivity into this crazy situation.

Pedestrians all over the USA and Canada (why not everywhere else too?) are being encouraged to loosen up on their daily strolls through their neighborhoods by showing off their best silly walks reminiscent of the iconic Monty Python sketch from 1970.

Homeowners from Michigan to Ontario have been erecting signs in their front yards asking passerby to strut their goofy stuff similarly to the original “Ministry for Silly Walks” comedic sketch.

This is not the first time that Monty Python fans have implemented their own real-world silly walk directives; back in 2014, a town in Norway published a now-viral montage of local pedestrians busting a move in front of their own public silly crosswalk sign.

Now amidst the novel coronavirus outbreaks, people like Liz Koto in Detroit have been encouraging people to find joy in these turbulent times by showing off their best silly walks.

Since putting up the “jurisdiction of silly walk” signs in her yard several weeks ago, she has launched an Instagram page dedicated to sharing the dozens of amusing walks that have been captured by her doorbell camera.

Cynda Fleming told CTV News that her own silly walks sign in Leaside, Toronto has resulted in a similar source of endless entertainment, which she says is “better than Netflix”.

“I just wanted to do this to bring some positivity into this crazy situation we’re in right now and it just, I think, gives permission for people to be positive and silly,” she told the news outlet.

Of course, nothing will ever beat the original:


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