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More Funny Jokes From Edinburgh Fringe 2023

Last week OGN published the Top 10 One-Liners according to Dave TV, which seemed to go down rather well. So, here are ten more Fringe jokes that made us laugh at OGN Towers.

Man doing double thumbs up sign

"I’m worried my jokes are too clever. It sometimes takes a while for people to get them. Like, sometimes I’ll tell a joke and then ten minutes later, when a different comedian’s onstage, everyone starts laughing." David McIver

"Yoghurt was discovered 7,000 years ago. The spoon, 3,000. That’s 4,000 years before someone thought “Oh! There must be another way!” Burt Williamson

"In my youth I didn’t like facial hair. As I got older it grew on me." Dion Owen

"Women say they want a guy with a sense of humour. Guys say they want a woman with a sense of humour. But the two are different… Women want guys to make them laugh, and guys want women to laugh at their jokes." Luisa Omielan

"I used to be a narcissist, but look at me now!" John Tothill

"Cost of living crisis has really hit me. I was burgled the other day and now I’m financially ruined. They didn’t take anything, just left the lights on all week. Charged their phones as well, the animals." Ben Clover

"I would tell you my Deliveroo joke, but it’d take you ages to get it." Will BF

"My dad’s a drink-driver, or as he prefers, milkman." Ted Milligan

"I have a therapist - not a good therapist, if I am honest - recently diagnosed me with a fear of abandonment and then cancelled our next two sessions." John Hastings

"I went to visit my brother in hospital in 2021, when he first got sick. His liver had failed. I say “failed”. It didn’t do it on its own. There was a certain amount of “user error” involved." Ed Byrne


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